Milling machines: 4 & 5 axis
Spindle Power from 0.3kW to 1.4kW
Spindle speed 60.000 RPM
Automatic tool changer 6,12 or 20 Tools
Number of blocks 1 pcs or 2 pcs
Axis motors Ac servo

Materials which can be
milled: Zirconium, CrCo, Titanium,
Ceramics, PMMA, Temp, Wax...
3D Dental Scanner is a structured light system with 2 high-resolution cameras and a rotary table, and automatic scanning of full arc, stumps, antagonist model, impression and etc.


Scan surface - 90 mm [W] * 90 mm [D] * 60 mm [H]
Interface -USB2/SVGA
Output formats -STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC, XYZ, PTS, VRML, (open standard formats, configurable)
Target objects abutments, stumps, complete dental casts, fillings, bridges, antagonists, dental inlays, wax-ups, coverings, arms, etc.
Accuracy <10 microns
Resolution <0,07 mm
Resolution of 3D models -15.000-1.500.000 triangles (configurable)
Number of points acquired for single shot -786.432 (max)
Approved Regulations CE
Milling center for production of dental prosthesis dentalOther components:
Zircon Sintering Furnaces
Integrated Dust suction system
PC with installed CAD/CAM software
Implant module with compatible abutments
Milling blocks: Zircon, CrCo, Titanium, Temp, PMMA, Wax
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